What We Do

Apart from traditional jute products including yarn/twines, hessian cloth, the state of the art facility extensively produces value added diversified jute products like floor covering, food grade quality jute fabric & bags, geo-textiles, processed decorative and industrial fabrics. The Product line covers all the products and articles made out of Jute, Cotton and JUCO.

 From Fabric quality, colour to packing style, the entire procedure we kept as customized; where we prepare as per your requirement, your wish, with your company logo and designs. It is just an initiative to offer exactly what you are expecting, and the way you want the product to be. It is all about

“Your Wish our Work”

Out of our three primary product lines:


The Fabric product line covers all types of Burlap Fabric starting from 3 oz to 12 oz, Jute-Cotton fabric of width ranges from 1 inch to 72 inches. These fabrics are used for industrial application, gardening and decorative end use.

  • Burlap Roll – finished edge

In this section, we produce Burlap fabric of width 6”, 9”, 12”, 14”, 18”, 22” and so on. – All are finished edge – 100% free from fraying. The fabrics are rolled in 10 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards and so on – based on the requirement. All rolls are made on paper-tube, poly-wrapped.

The facility also does the processing part – such as bleaching & dyeing, which is 100% azo-free, where the colour would be prepared as per your choice. It also offers the printed fabric, as per your selected design and colours on it. The fabric also can be prepared as soft treated, Hydro-carbon free, fragrance treated (like Jasmine, Denim), water-proof (without Lamination) or Odourless – depending on the requirement.

Jute Articles:

The Decorative line covers, all types of Burlap items, widely used for rustic décor – home décor, as well as gifting purpose.

It includes:

  • All types of jute ribbons (wired or without wire) – Real Selvedge
  • Fringed edge Jute ribbons
  • Burlap webbings
  • Narrow webbing
  • Gold Lurex & Silver Lurex Jute Ribbons
  • Ribbons with nylon mix
  • Burlap braids
  • Burlap Mesh
  • Jute Net
  • Burlap Banners
  • Chair Sashes
  • Burlap Runners, placemats
  • Table tops
  • Burlap Show pieces
  • Pillow covers
  • Favor bags of various sizes, with or without drawstring
  • Wine bags
  • Burlap sacks – with or without drawstring


  • A range of Christmas Items – Tree Skirts, Stocking Chains, Large Stockings, Christmas banners, deco ball, Christmas Printed ribbons (wired or without wire), Burlap flowers, Burlap stars, Santa gift bags etc.
  • A range of products used for floral decoration – Burlap Sheet, Burlap ribbons, Burlap Mesh, Fringed edge rolls etc.

All the products have finished edges – no fraying.

For all the items – you can choose the colour, printing pattern etc as per your own wish.

Jute Yarn

The third line covers jute yarn of 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply; it ranges from 8 LBS to 32 LBS, natural and as well as dyed. We offer in the form of small twines, spools – depending on the requirements. These are used for decoration and as well as gardening purpose.

It also includes twisted twines – mixed with 2 or 3 colours together, widely used for decoration and DIY craft projects.