Burlap Rolls- Runners: Under this section, the facility manufactures Burlap rolls of width 6”, 9”, 12”, 14”, 18”, 22” and so on. – All are finished edge Burlap – 100% free from fraying. It can unfinished edge burlap also – depending on the requirement The Burlap are rolled in the form of 10 yards jute rolls, 25 yards jute rolls, 50 yards jute rolls, 100 yards jute rolls and so on – based on the requirement – with Paper-tube, poly-wrapped.


Jute Santa Sacks Articles:
Covers, all types of Jute Santa Sacks, Jute Christmas Tree Skirts and Burlap items, widely used for rustic
décor – home décor, as well as gifting purpose.
It includes:
• All types of jute ribbons (wired or without wire) – Real Selvedge
• Fringed edge Jute ribbons
• Burlap webbings
• Narrow webbing
• Gold Lurex & Silver Lurex Jute Ribbons
• Ribbons with nylon mix
• Burlap braids
• Burlap Mesh
• Jute Net
• Burlap Banners
• Chair Sashes
• Burlap Runners, placemats
• Table tops
• Burlap Show pieces
• Pillow covers
• Favor bags of various sizes, with or without drawstring
• Wine bags
• Burlap sacks – with or without drawstring
         • A range of Jute Christmas Tree Skirts, Stocking Chains, Large
Stockings, Christmas banners, deco ball, Christmas Printed ribbons
(wired or without wire), Burlap flowers, Burlap stars, Santa gift bags
         • A range of products used for floral decoration – Burlap Sheet, Burlap
ribbons, Burlap Mesh, Fringed edge rolls etc.
All the products have finished edges – no fraying.
For all the items – you can choose the colour, printing pattern etc as per your
own wish.

Jute Santa Sacks for Christmas Eve Celebration

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