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We makes organic Jute Mesh Bags,  Jute Nets, Burlap Mesh etc – in the form of Burlap Mesh Sheet, Burlap Wrap or Burlap Mesh rolls of 6 yards, 10 yards – as per requirement.

Purely Organic Jute Mesh Bags

We have many options when it comes to bags. But, do you know the single-use plastic bags are difficult to recycle, reuse, and a huge contributor to litter. So, you must have to set your mind for reusable alternatives. And Organic mesh bags are the best option to choose from.

No matter you want to shop store or market, Organic jute mesh bags can be the most convenient alternatives. Once you use it, you will experience a big difference. These bags are the replacement of plastic products and net bags. These bags can also be used for storage purposes in your home.

When it comes to the material of mesh fabric, we can guarantee it. It keeps your items and goods or vegetable crisp and fresh as they are stretchable, and provides excellent air circulation. The best part is you don’t have to unbag the veggies from it, you can directly put the bag along with the veggies or fruits inside a fridge.

Apart from that these bags are eco-friendly and purely organic, 100% washable. Another thing is we have to concern about the environment and stay away from a disposable bag. In that case, our Organic jute mesh bags can be an excellent option that you can use without any hesitation.

Organic Jute Mesh Bags for Various Uses

Our mesh bags are completely organic and available in a wide range at our facility. We are a leading manufacturer of these kinds of bags and we never compromise with the quality of our products.

Users can employ these bags not only to carry something, but also these can be used to store anything you need, including fragile produce such as berries, herbs, and greens. It keeps them fresh. You can use these bags for many years without complaining as the material is biodegradable. You can also use these bags for gifting purposes to Share the joy with your loved one.

We manufacture Organic jute mesh bags, organic cotton net bags, printed bags in several designs and colors. You can place your order and inform your demand. Also, these bags are available in various shapes and sizes. We can able to produce and export a huge amount of bags as per your needs. JUCOFABS is a certified and trusted brand so rest assured that you are in a safe hand.

Order Organic Jute Mesh Bags at best price

We ensure the fast delivery and quality of our Organic jute mesh bags. We offer superior quality, precisely double-stitched, superbly designed, foldable, washable, stylish, and lightweight organic bags at the best pricing range. These bags will ship to your address with fabulous packaging that ensures no hassle.

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