Cotton Bags | Cotton Shoppers

Cotton Bags: We use different sorts of cotton bags for different to carry things easily. Most bags are created from […]

Burlap Fabric

Fabric The Fabric product line covers all types of Burlap Fabric starting from 3 oz to 12 oz, Jute-Cotton fabric […]

Burlap Webbing Black Line

Burlap Webbing

Under this one, the unit manufactures Jute Webbing, Narrow Burlap webbing, JUCO webbing etc. It ranges from 0.5” to 4”, […]

Decorative Mats

Handicraft Items

Under this section, the unit manufactures jute braids, jute braid baskets, jute braid place-mats etc   ” template=”default” slug=”handicraft-items” order_by=”sortorder” […]

Gift Bags, Shopping bags : Under this line the units manufactures various kind of Jute bags. It includes printed jute shopper bags, jute promotional bags, JUCO bags, Jute Jumbo Wine bags, Jute tote Bags, Burlap Beach bags, Jute Cross shoulder bags – with soft padded webbing handle for easy carrying. Printing part is as per your choice

Juco Shopping Bags

Under this line, the units manufacture various kinds of Juco shopping bags. It includes printed jute shopper bags, jute promotional […]

Jute Pots

Gardening Articles

This line covers all kind of Jute products, used for gardening purpose. It includes – Jute Plant wrapper, Jute tree […]

Burlap Pots Natural

Organic Jute Mesh Bags

We makes organic Jute Mesh Bags,  Jute Nets, Burlap Mesh etc – in the form of Burlap Mesh Sheet, Burlap […]